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RIP. Taco Bell On West End In Nashville Is CLOSED!

RIP to my favorite Taco Bell in ALL OF NASHVILLE!

It was on West End, right by Midtown && now we're left with broken hearts.

I decided to write a quick love note to Taco Bell:

Dear my beloved Taco Bell:

Thank you for the incredible life saving burrito's while I was MILDLY intoxicated, thank you for loving me in my darkest hours, and thank you for comforting me when I needed you the most!

The Taco bell on West End put up a sign just DAYS before closing it's doors to all of its patrons! It said "Lost Lease. Store Closing March 13." 

THATS IT!! No explanations, it left EVERYONE wondering, WHYYYYY!!!

Twitter was literally SHOOK by the closing of the store!

Word on the street is that there will be ANOTHER gazillion dollar hotel put up where our sacred Taco Bell was sadly forced out of..

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