Nashville's First MAGIC Restaurant Is Coming!!

When I say magic, I mean like old school magician card tricks!

Nashville is getting it's first MAGIC restaurant ... I know that sounds really weird, but it looks AWESOME!

The restaurant/experience is called "House of Cards!"

The website describes the experience in such a cool way!

Once guests are greeted, they begin a journey via secret tunnel which leads to a magical world that has been characterized as indescribable by anyone who’s visited. From the beautiful handcrafted bar, to the multimillion dollar collection of art, European antiques and magic-related artifacts, the interior is the result of four years of design, planning and artisanship resulting in an authentic speakeasy ambience reminiscent of the 1930’s.

House of Cards celebrates the art of magic, classic American cuisine and fine hand-crafted cocktails under one roof. Guests are encouraged to explore the dining room to enjoy the rare collections and be entertained by some of America’s top magicians who are stationed throughout the venue to provide mind boggling illusions and tricks all evening long.

The Grand opening of "House of Cards" is April 9! SOMEONE MAKE ME RESERVATIONS RIGHT MEOW!

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