Butt Enhancing Underwear For Men Is Apparently A THING!

What's the feature you see on a man that you find to be the most appealing??

Almost everywhere I go I hear women saying things like, "omg, that man's butt!!"

I feel like this admiration for a man with a bubble booty is a pretty new phenomenon, but what do I know?!

Instead of going to the gym or doing squats every second of your entire life to attain said bubble booty, there's this company called, "Rounderbum" that is selling PADDED boxer briefs to make your butt look bigger! haha

I mean... not even gonna lie, I ain't mad about it haha I've caught myself, MULTIPLE TIMES, sitting here contemplating buying a pair lol

BUT, my only question is... say you walk around with that big bubble booty, then you take someone home... they take off your pants and you got a pancake booty! haha WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

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