'Hamilton' Is Coming To Nashville 2019-2020!

'Hamilton' is one of the most sought after musicals of ALL time and NOW, it's coming to Nashville!!

TPAC, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, just announced via Twitter that Hamilton will be coming to Nashville 2019-2020!

I legit have had friends fly all the way to New York City just to see this play, so I am SO excited to see it here in Nashville!

Specific dates are not yet available, but the best way to guarantee tickets to “Hamilton” is to purchase a season subscription for the 2018-19 season. Season ticket holders who renew their subscriptions for the 2019-20 season will guarantee their seats for “Hamilton” before tickets become available to the general public.

You can go ahead and grab your season tickets, HERE!

Chris Lee from the musical "Hamilton" announces the show will be coming to Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville for the 2019-20 season Courtesy of TPAC

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