Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Request Guests "Bring Your Own Picnic!"

There is SO MUCH going on with the upcoming royal wedding that it's kind of starting to STRESS ME OUT!! haha

The other day Meghan Markle's brother wrote a letter to Prince Harry, trying to convince him to CALL OFF the wedding!! -------->> CLICK HERE if you missed that!

The wedding is legit right around the corner, set to take place on May 19 on the grounds of Windsor Castle

Now, there are rumors swirling around that in the royal invite, guests were told "to bring a picnic lunch as it will not be possible to buy food and drink on site." 

Okay, I have not been to THAT many weddings, but I do know that it's customary to provide food and drinks for people attending the wedding... I AM SO CONFUSED.. BRING YOUR OWN PICNIC LUNCH?!

Also, lets just make a quick note that the royal family has a net worth of $500MILLION... but I gotta bring my own picnic lunch..? 

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