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Help WWII Vet Get 100 Cards For 100th Birthday!

Can you even imagine living to 100?! 

I feel like that's something you only read about books or see in movies, but this World War II veteran is LIVING it!!

Isaac "Ike" Fabela is a World War II veteran living in Michigan about to turn 100 years old!!

For Ike's 100 birthday, he only has ONE WISH!

That wish... to receive 100 birthday cards from people all over the country!!

Ike was on a boat bound for Normandy on D-Day, June 6th, 1944 - which also happened to be his 26th birthday - but he was pulled off at the last minute, thank goodness!. 

Ike says he has everything he needs already, but he would love to get 100 birthday cards. So if you’d like to help make sure this veteran’s wish comes true, drop a card to:

Ike Fabela

C/O Nick Rodgers

PO Box 3112

Montrose, MI 48457

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