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Tomi Lahren Gets Water THROWN At Her & She Goes Off!

Tomi Lahren, notoriously known for her conservative comments and outpouring support for Donald Trump, was having brunch in Minneapolis when someone threw a GLASS OF WATER on her when she was leaving!

Tomi holds nothing back, continuously speaks her mind and offends a LOT of people with things she has to say.. 

While I don't agree with basically ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth, I still respect her as a human and she's made quite the career out of this, so more power to ya sister!

Well.. she was at brunch with her parents in Minneapolis, when she was leaving the restaurant, some petty human threw a glass of water at her!

Like I said, I don't agree with what she has to say... like EVER.. But hey, freedom of speech right?

She totally has the right to say her opinion and what she thinks, just as much as I have the right to disagree with every single syllable that leaves her mouth.

NO ONE has the right to throw things at other people just because of a difference in opinion..

Clearly Tomi was NOT having it and confronted the table that did it!

I ain't even mad about her confronting the table, because I probably would have done the same thing...

THEN, Donald Trump came to support her via Twitter!

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