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Nashville Gets New Reality Show Based On BACHELORETTE PARTIES!

Yay.... Nashville is getting ANOTHER reality show..

Let's just go ahead and put it out there that there are currently THREE reality shows on TV based in Nashville...

1.) Music City on CMT

2.) Very Cavallari on E!


3.) Bachelorette Weekend on CMT!

The NEW show, Bachelorette Weekend, follows the owners and staff at Bach Weekend, a Nashville-based company specializing in creating extravagant bachelor/bachelorette party experiences.

AKA, lets see how trashy we can make Nashville look and encourage tourists to come and trash our city haha

Now look, I am all about going out, having fun, the whole nine yards... but there is a level of respect maintained at MOST nice establishments in Nashville and I just feel like this is encouraging that level of respect and class to completely dissipate! 

ALSO, the show is being produced by the company that made Jersey Shore & Party Down South if that says anything at all.. 

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