President Trump's Nashville Rally Allegedly HIRED Seat Fillers For $100!

Yesterday, May 29, President Trump held a rally in Nashville at Municipal Auditorium in support of Marsha Blackburn running for a seat in the Senate!

Marsha Blackburn is running against Phil Bredesen (former governor of TN) for the seat in the Senate!

I live directly across the street from where the rally was taking place and the security was INSANE... like secret service everywhere, snipers on my roof, the whole nine yards! haha

But I was surprised at the lack of amount of people waiting in line to get into the auditorium..

Now, don't get me wrong, there was a line, but there was a bigger line the week before when Post Malone was performing haha

The little bitty line is ALL MAKING SENSE NOW! I just found a craigslist ad that was posted by SOMEONE, whether they be directly tied to the Trump administration or not, that was searching for SEAT FILLERS for the rally! hahah they were PAYING PEOPLE TO BE IN THE AUDIENCE!

Courtesy: Phil Cobucci

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