7 Things You Need to Know About the Apple iOS 12 Update!

I legit feel like EVERYTIME I unlock my phone there's a pop up that says "update available!" 


Well, luck us :) :) :) Apple just released their latest update, IOS 12, and I'm actually excited about a few of the new things!

PS, The update is supposed to come in September :)

Here are 7 things you NEED to know about the Apple IOS 12 Update!

  • A new Measure app – You’ll be able to use AI to measure almost any surface. Who needs a ruler anyway?!
  • Faster performance – aka, keep up with Instagram & Twitter MUCH better lol
  • New ways to search for photos – You can look for things like keywords or locations to find specific photos.
  • Siri will be your BFF – You can set shortcuts and reminders so you’ll never forget anything again!
  • You can set time limits for apps – I feel like this is GREAT for parents who have a hard time getting their kids off their phone!
  • New Do Not Disturb app – I LIVE my entire life with "Do Not Disturb" on. Now, your phone will get notifications as you wake up!
  • Group FaceTime – FaceTime with up to 32 people at once! **why can't you leave a FaceTime voicemail?!**

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