'Gamer's Cafe' Opens In Downtown Nashville!!

Nashville is officially the home of, "hey! this is a dumb idea, let's try it out in Nashville!" haha

First a kitty cafe and NOW A GAMERS CAFE, it's called "Platforms!"

You can grab a meal while playing games on every platform.

“If you’ve heard of a cyber café, there’s aspects of that. A kid can come and play on,” said Platforms owner Luke Sykes. “We also have VR multi-player games. I think an in-person visit is the best way to really get it.”

The café is meant to create a social environment for gamers and virtual reality players.

The family-friendly café is located in downtown Nashville on Second Avenue South.

It's actually pretty brilliant, especially to create a space for gamers to come together and be social versus having strictly virtual reality friends!

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