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7 CRAZY Tennessee Laws You've Probably Broken Without Even Knowing!

We all know that laws in Tennessee are super strict about EVERYTHING! haha

I just found a list of 7 bizarre laws, that you've probably broken without even knowing!

1.) Children can't hold hands. It's considered a "gateway to sexual activity."


3.) Children can't buy alcohol - NO DUH!! Like why is that even a law....? it's common knowledge lol

4.) You can't drive a motorized vehicle around the town square of Huntington, TN - TBH, don't even know where that is lol

5.) It's illegal to sleep while driving -DUHHHHH haha 

6.) You have to have a $10 license to panhandle in Memphis, TN... - if someone is panhandling, do they think they have $10 for the license? lol

7.)  It's illegal for a woman to call a man and ask him out on a date.

Most of these are common sense like "no sleeping while driving" & "children can't buy alcohol!"

But I feel like laws are set in place because it's happened before, so like... what's wrong with people haha

ALSO, A WOMAN CANT ASK A MAN OUT ON A DATE?! I thought we were in the in 21st century

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