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Donald Trump Jr Mean Tweets Nashville Dr Who Sued The President & WON!

We all know that the internet is where the trolls come out to play.. 

Donald Trump Jr. totally mean-tweeted a Nashville surgeon that sued his dad, The President, and won!

So first of all.. Dr. Eugene Gu, Nashville surgeon, was consistently tweeting and criticizing Donald Trump, which lead him to block the doctor! Gu then became one of seven Twitter users to filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the president, forcing him to unblock them on Twitter! --- This is what I was talking about before when I said the surgeon sued The President & Won!

SECONDLY, a third party Twitter user "found" a record on Dr. Eugene Gu which alleges that he abused &  false imprisoned his wife... 

CLEARLY Donald Trump Jr. latched onto this "news" and quoted the Tweet continuing the mean-tweet spree!

Not once... but twice did he drag the Nashville Dr. on Twitter about before mentioned allegations!

Finally, Dr. Eugene Gu responded on Twitter claiming all allegations to be libel and untrue in every way, shape, and form... 

My takeaway from this... stop being bullies...

Don't we have A MILLION other things to worry about right now? Especially with the state of our current political culture (not leaning one way or another, just saying it's a hot debate!)

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