"Nap Stores" Are Totally A Thing && Nashville Needs One!

I've always thought it was incredibly unfair that after elementary school you don't get nap time anymore! I feel like the older you get, the MORE you actually need to take a nap! haha I mean... what are those elementary school kids doing that's SOOOOO productive they need to take a nap?! 

GOOD NEWS! "Nap Stores" are totally a thing and Nashville has to get one of these! 

Casper’s “The Dreamer” nap store is just the latest place New Yorkers can go for that necessary quick nap! You can snooze for 45 minutes, get complimentary refreshments, toothbrush, toothpaste and pajamas to sleep in. You even get a private nook with a comfy Casper mattress.


It's only 25 minutes for completely uninterrupted sleep haha MONEY WELL WORTH IT! 

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