7 Best Nashville Restaurants To Get A $5 Burger During Burger Week!

I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER... This week is BURGER WEEK in Nashville!

That means there are a BUNCH of different restaurants around Nashville where you can try more expensive burgers for only $5!!!

According to my expert opinion **really my qualifications include just eating a lot**

HERE are the 7 Best Nashville Restaurants to get a $5 Burger!

  1. The Nations Bar & Grill --- obsessed with this place haha
  2. Drakes -- not only their food, but he atmosphere is really fun too!
  3. Burger Republic -- i mean... they have burger in their name lol
  4. Cafe Rakka -- I went there for the first time the other day && it was some of the best food I've ever had!
  5. The Nashville Underground -- Broadway bar food is usually just mediocre, but I've loved this place every single time I've gone! PLUS they have grass on their rooftop! 
  6. Jack Browns -- I remember the first time I went... my life has been changed forever since then! lol they even have a DONUT BURGER! haha
  7. Farm Burger -- They've got grassfed beef & a "peach" burger! YUM!!

There's even a social media contest to share the BEST picture of you burger too! People are using the hashtag, #sceneburgerweek18

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