Facebook Chooses Nashville For 'Keep it Local' Campaign!!

I think it's pretty safe to say that one of the FIRST things I do every time I hear of a new company, is Facebook stalk them! Online presence is EVERYTHING. 

Facebook has picked Nashville as one of the first markets for the "Keep it Local" campaign.

The campaign launched on Tuesday with the focus of featuring local small businesses. According to Facebook, 83% of small businesses in Nashville say the platform has helped increase sales. Facebook says another 86% report finding customers in other cities, states and countries thanks to the platform.

Businesses to be highlighted in the campaign include"

  • Music Strong
  • Franklin Business Law
  • BayMar Realty
  • Pink Glitter
  • Any Old Iron
  • Rhinestone Wedding Chapel
  • M&B Auto Service
  • Neta's Natural Products
  • 5 Star Party Bus

Facebook says representatives will hold a workshop in August for Nashville small business owners on leveraging Facebook and Instagram to promote their business.

I mean.... I have friends that make more money than GOD on Instagram, so this could be a super useful tool! 

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