Historic Nashville Building To Be Imploded On Saturday!

Remember when the Lifeway building was imploded and taken out of the Nashville skyline?!

WELLLL.. there's another building scheduled to be imploded this weekend! 

The "Sullivan Tower" in the Gulch will be demolished at 7:30 A.M. Saturday morning!

I'm actually kind of excited about it because it's just plain cool to watch! haha

They are knocking down the building to make a new music venue and movie theater!

The demolition is expected to take only a few minutes. But traffic closures along 9th Avenue North and Commerce Street could cause some extended delays.

AEG has plans for a 4,500-capacity music venue, a movie theater, boutique hotel and a bowling facility to open in 2021. The complex will be similar to AEG developments in Los Angeles and London. 

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