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Henry Cavill MAGICALLY Grows A Breast Pocket In "Mission Impossible"

I know the title looks and sounds really weird... but it's legit what happened haha

Henry Cavill, aka the worlds sexiest superman, is in the new "Mission Impossible" movie and there's a scene from the movie that's going VIRAL!

It's when Henry is fighting with Tom Cruise and CLEARLY wants to make every woman's ovaries jump out of their body with this SEXY bicep reload! 


#2.) Look at his biceps THROUGH the shirt... now imagine them without the shirt on haha

#3.) Check out how at the beginning there is no breast pocket on his shirt, then BAM... randomly there's a breast pocket on his shirt.... magic I tell ya!

**the continuity director is probably so embarrassed after seeing this**

People are using this bicep pump-up in everyday life now too hahaha

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