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Demi Lovato Will Reportedly Go Straight To Rehab Following Hospital Stay

Not even gonna lie, I was SUPER tore up when the news came out that Demi Lovato was being rushed to the hospital back on July 24.

I couldn't sleep, I was worried about her, but thankfully it looks like she's pulling through!

There have been multiple report that Demi and her mom have been arguing over the treatment plan that she'll go through once she leaves the hospital!

It's been reported that Demi Lovato wanted to go to this 14 day treatment center and Demi's mom wanted her to go trough this 3 month treatment center!

When Demi wouldn't cooperate, her mom and everyone around her threatened to cut her off and walk away... I guess that scared her badly enough but reports are now saying that Demi's mom won the argument and she is apparently going to the 3 month rehab center!

Demi appears to still be in the hospital, but a source tells TMZ "she's getting out any day now" and will move directly to a live-in rehab facility. Meanwhile, a source tells Us Weekly that she "knows she needs to finally get serious help."

Remember a couple weeks ago when Demi released her new song "Sober" where she sings about not being sober anymore? I feel like it was a way to keep herself accountable, which clearly didn't work.

Anywho, prayer to Demi and I just hope she can beat this and get back to sobriety!

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