Donors Raise College Funds For Gay Valedictorian Rejected By Parents

Growing up gay in the SOUTH was really really difficult for me. I was the kid who ate lunch in the bathroom by myself with my feet on the back of the bathroom stall so that no one even knew I was in there. 

There's a kid named Seth Owen, who just graduated from high school in Jacksonville, Florida with a 4.61 GPA and valedictorian of his class! ** WAY TO GO SETH!!**

Seth plans on attending Georgetown University this fall... here's where the story gets REALLY sad! His Southern Baptist parents found out he’s gay, they forced him to attend conversion therapy to try to change him. And when that didn’t work? They made their son choose between attending their church – which attacked his sexual orientation – or leaving home. So he left.

But when Seth got his financial aid package from Georgetown, he realized it had been determined based on a contribution from his family, which he wouldn’t be getting. 

And that’s when Jane Martin, his former biology teacher, stepped up to help. She set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $20,000 Seth needed to come up with to attend his freshman year of college.

The GoFundMe page has been shared over 1.1K times and they have raised over $126,000 for Seth to go to college! Legit 5 times as much as the original goal! 

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