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Nick Jonas Spotted In Nashville At Dan And Shay Event!

Nick Jonas... aka one of the most perfect humans on the entire planet AND recently engaged to Priyanka Chopra **can't wait to see how beautiful their babies are gonna be **

--- was in Nashville last night and fans are FREAKING!

Dan and Shay (Country Duo) were putting on a free concert on music row to celebrate selling ONE MILLION albums.. they called the party "Tequila Tuesday!"

I actually went to the show, it was fabulous, the tequila was great, the taco's were great haha it was all fine and dandy.. BUT APPARENTLY NICK JONAS WAS ALSO THERE!

I saw on Nick's Instagram story that he posted a picture with a Dan & Shay cup, so I knew he was there, but never actually spotted him.. 

CLEARLY I wasn't keeping out eye hard enough for him, but multiple fans posted pictures and video's of Nick JAMMING out!

Check out all the pics and video's below!

**but like, where was Priyanka at bro?**

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