Nashville Man Creates Peace Sign Visible ONLY From The Sky!

Everytime you fly somewhere I think it's just an understood thing that you're gonna want to have the window seat so you can see the different cities out the window, right?!

There's a Nashville International airport employee, Earl Tuggle, that created a peace sign out of his property for people in the air to see!

“It’s nothing I ever asked permission for, and nothing I ever figured would stir much interest,” he said. “I didn’t know from day to day, when I started it, whether it would be there the next week.”

The peace sign actually became a guidepost for the airport’s air traffic controllers. They would guide Army National Guard helicopters into their landing routes by occasionally requesting that they “hold over the peace sign.”

Apparently Earl plans to retire this year but hopes it will be a lasting memorial to his personal philosophy and the credo of peace.

Listen to him talk about it on this Podcast!

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