Ariana Grande Teases Pete Davidson Wedding Date!

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are literally so cute it almost makes me wanna vomit everytime I see a picture of them, hear them talk about each other.. really just any interaction they have haha

They got engaged SUPER QUICK, Ariana even said that she told her tour manager THE DAY SHE MET HIM that she wanted to marry him..

ANYWAY, Ariana was just on Good Morning America talking about her upcoming wedding and TOTALLY teased when her and Pete are gonna get married..

Apparently they're taking their time with things and planning on getting married next year, WHEW! I'm glad it's not a shotgun wedding cause I need to see EVERY fabulous glitter filled detail she has to offer! haha

WATCH the whole interview to see her spill her guts about him and the wedding process!

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