Nashville Rent Down For First Time In 7 years!!

Anybody else pay an arm and a leg just to live in Nashville?! Like sit at home every night watching Netflix cause you can't afford to go out and do anything...? 

okay good, whew! just making sure I'm not alone here in the world!

Apartment rents in the Nashville area dropped in July after nearly seven years of continuous upward growth! 7 YEARS!! It's honestly about time! haha

Experts say this doesn't point to an end to the region's upward mobility. Zillow still ranks the Nashville area as one of the top 10 "hottest housing markets" in the country and housing prices are increasing, though at a slower rate than in recent years.

I mean it only makes sense right....? Like there is a statistic of over 100 people a day moving here but HAVE YOU SEEN how many apartment complexes that are being built or were built in the last year?? It's about time supply met demand and the price started to drop!

"We're seeing the same pattern in Nashville in markets like Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles," said Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at Zillow. "It's slowing down. But it's still, in many cases, above the historic pace." --

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