Carrie Underwood Reveals Baby Bump At Keith Urban's Nashville Concert!

Carrie Underwood is hands down one of my favorite artists of all time! I know I work in pop radio, but I think her music is just GOOD.. no matter genre, it's just genuine talent!

I love her and Mike Fisher together.. like a lot... like probably more than I should haha

ANYWHO, remember Carrie's really sweet announcement that they are expecting baby number 2?!

Well on Friday night Keith Urban was playing Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville && of course had to bring Carrie out on stage to sing their song "Fighter" together!

This performance was like the FIRST TIME we've actually seen Carrie's baby bump and GIRL SHE IS ROCKING THAT THING! Legit, cannot wait to see what this baby looks like haha

WATCH her performance here!

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