This Marathon Includes 23 Wine Tastings And STEAK!

I honestly didn't think there was anything in the WORLD that would peak my interest in running a marathon... until THIS.. 

**mark the date -- September 4, 2018, Zac Woodward is interested in a marathong!!**

The annual "Marathon Du Medoc" is a 26.2-mile race in Bordeaux, France, every September. 

All the athletes are required to wear a costume and along the way, participants are invited to try 23 different wines on the course and there’s at least one break for steak. The path takes runners through vineyards, past chateaux, and gives them time to sample cheese, ice cream, and even oysters.

26 miles is a LONG WAY.. like I don't even like DRIVING 26 miles, but for wine, steak & oytsters... I'm intrigued! haha

CHECK out all the deets here!

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