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Drinking URINE Is A Thing! GROSS

Not even gonna lie, I'm a LITTLE BIT freaked out right now...

I thought this was only a thing that happens on TLC's "My Strange Addiction!"

This healthy and fitness coach, Faith Canter, is saying that drinking urine can actually FIX some of your ailments.. 

I've heard of people using it to heal a jellyfish sting BUT DRINKING IT IS A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

Apparently she had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite and ended up with a super swollen eye... she tried a bunch of other medical treatments and nothing worked, SO SHE TRIED DRINKING HER URINE

**QUICK QUESTION: how in the WORLD do you leap from neosporin to URINE?!**

According to Faith, her reaction was actually within hours of drinking her own urine!

NOW SHE DRINKS TWO GLASSES A DAY.. **I am literally sitting here holding back my own vomit**

Just another quick FYI haha... urine therapy even has it's own medical terminology -- urophagia

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