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Tennessee In Top 10 On List Of "States With The Worst Commutes!"

We all know HOW FRUSTRATING it is trying to drive literally anywhere in Nashville at ANY GIVEN TIME of the day..

Legit.. 7AM = TRAFFIC



Midnight = TRAFFIC

Moral of the story, there's traffic 24/7 haha and this survey from esurance JUST PROVED IT!

ESURANCE analyzed all 50 states to find the ones making the biggest strides in improving commuter experiences!
Here's what they found!

Overall highest-scoring states:

1. Alaska

2. Utah

3. Montana

4. South Dakota

5. Wyoming

6. Idaho

7. Wisconsin

8. Hawaii

9. Colorado

10. Minnesota

Overall lowest-scoring states

41. New Hampshire 

42. Alabama

43. Connecticut

44. Maryland

45. Rhode Island

46. Tennessee

47. New York

48. South Carolina

49. New Jersey

50. Delaware

See the whole article here!

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