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Taylor Swift Donates $15,500 To Fan Whose Mom Is In A Coma!

I will say this again and again and AGAIN.. Taylor Swift is absolutely one of the best humans to grace this earth!

She has donated hundred of thousands of dollars to her fans, backup dancers, and other amazing charitable causes!


There's this fan named Sadie that started a GoFundMe account to help her and her family out while her mother is in a COMA!

“We take care of her at home full time. My dad is unable to work because he has to always be with my Mom. My older brother and I have to provide for our family,” continued the full-time college student. “My family is in trouble.”

Acknowledging she has reached her “breaking point,” Sadie revealed her mom, Lauriann Bartell, fell into a coma two days before she saw the 1989 tour. “I’m grateful to Taylor for keeping me afloat through it all,” she wrote.

Taylor Swift actually saw the GoFundMe account and DONATED $15,500!! She did it really quietly and just simply signed the campaign as “Love, Taylor, Meredith and Olivia Swift.”

Now a bunch of other Taylor Swift fans are following Taylor's lead by also donating to the campaign and leaving sweet messages like "swifties help other swifties!"

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