The 'Normal' 98.6 Body Temperature has CHANGED!

I feel completely betrayed and lied to.. my entire childhood was a SCAM!

You remember the age old statement that every doctor, school nurse, even your MOM told you that the "normal" body temperature was 98.6 degrees?! 

Well now apparently it's all changed!

"Most of the time it's not too much higher than 98.6. Once you get up in the 99- 99.5 range, people are starting to feel pretty crummy but everything below that is kind of fair game until you get down to about 96, then you're talking about hypothermia," said Dr. Nikki Stuckwisch, who is the Medical Director at Indiana University Health Urgent Care.

Stuckwisch said anywhere in the continuum of those numbers is normal but said average normal body temperature is 97.7.

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