You Can Get Paid $100/Hr JUST To Play With Puppies!

When people talk about dream jobs, most of the time it includes being a doctor, lawyer, or singer -- how does getting paid $100/hr to play with puppies sound as the best job ever?!

MUTTS Canine Cantina, a dog friendly bar, restaurant and dog park in Texas, is looking to hire their first ever “Puptern” this fall. 

Seriously, your jobs is literally to play with puppies all day, greet MUTTS members and pet their dogs. 

And MUTTS sounds pretty cool, it has an off-leash dog park with special areas for big and small pooches, a bar and restaurant - for the humans - and they have “pawties” and events for dogs and their owners, like the upcoming “Pupsgiving.”

To qualify, applicants must be 18 and willing to relocate or commute to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the internship. 

To apply, post a photo or video to your Instagram explaining why you’d be the best Puptern and tag @MUTTSCantina and use the hashtag #MUTTSpuptern in the caption. Applications accepted now through November 12th.

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