Woody & Jim Play 'Spontuneous' With HILARIOUS Nashville Listener!

The board game 'Spontuneous' is one of the hottest board games on the market for this holiday season! It's the #1 board game on Amazon and we're obsessed with it too!

If every thing in your life turns into a song, like myself, then this game is legit perfect for you!

You write down words -- once you say your "trigger word" the other people playing have to sing a song that includes THAT WORD in the lyrics of the song!

So say the word is "heart" -- a contestant could break out into song and just start singing **SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TO BLAME!**

Simple as that!

We had a LOT of fun playing it on-air with Tricia, who was super sassy! haha listen BELOW!

Woody and Jim Play 'Spontuneous!'

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