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Nashville Mom Gives Birth On Side Of Road Thanks To 'Angel' Police Officer!

Could you imagine driving heading to the hospital to deliver your baby then the baby just starts coming out! Like.. HELLO, WELCOME ME TO THE WORLD MOM!

Well, that's exactly what happened with Dickson, TN resident, Bridgette Crumley! 

She, her husband, 3 year old son, and mother-in-law were on their way to the hospital at like 2AM to give birth to her new baby!

In an interview with Fox 17 Bridgette said:

"We were heading to the hospital when she just started coming out. My water didn't even break,"

The family did what I think anyone else would do... they pulled over by a car dealership and called 911 for help. 

After calling 911, an officer ** who bridgette is calling her angel ** arrived on scene and quickly jumped in to help her out!

That angel is Officer Sierra Reprogal with the Dickson Police Department. SIERRA FOR PRESIDENT! 

Bridgette said in an interview with Fox 17: 

"When she arrived the baby was half out, I remember her walking up, looking at me then looking at the baby and just going to work like she had done this before. She never left my sight and just started to grab and pull while I pushed."

Bridgette and her new born baby are doing perfectly fine all thanks to officer Sierra Reprogal! <3 <3 

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