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Woman Accepts $30K From In-Laws To LEAVE Fiance!

I mean... I think money could make me do just about ANYTHING... 

The cliche saying of "Money can't buy happiness" is just simply not true in my mind.. let me know next time you see someone crying on a yacht.. 

ANYWHO, this whole money situation just went to the next level in Australia!

A woman in Australia was offered money by her fiance’s parents to leave him. The relationship was far from perfect anyway and she saw the money as the perfect out. Apparently they offered her $20,000, she asked for $30,000...and when they agreed she took it. 

As the story goes...everything was great between her and her boyfriend Jeremy. But after about 18 months they found themselves pregnant, and after they had their new baby daughter, Jeremy proposed. But according to her, things “started to go downhill. after the baby was born”

According to her friends, Jeremy had been putting her down a lot, affecting her self-esteem. Jeremy had also become violent. He never hit her, but would throw things, and essentially she started becoming afraid.

Jeremy’s (very well-off) parents always thought he should be with “a nice middle-class girl,” and shared that they thought she trapped their son by getting pregnant. Jeremy’s dad eventually offered her $20,000 to “release Jeremy". She realized this was her way out, and said to him“Make it thirty and you’ve got a deal,”...the parents agreed.

A week later she told Jeremy she was leaving, and a few weeks after that he returned to England to be hith his family. As for the new mom, she took that money and put a deposit on an apartment for her and her daughter, “courtesy of the grandparents she’ll probably never meet again.”

I even asked my boyfriend yesterday if he would have taken the money and ran for the hills.. cause clearly I had to know where our relationship stands LOL -- 

So here's the deal.. there are two sides to this situation here -- most people would be like, OH HELL NO, I wouldn't take the money! **maybe up to $100k and we're talking**

But think about it this way, the in-laws CLEARLY have a problem with you, and they will do whatever it takes to get you out of their lives -- so why not make a quick buck?! RIGHT!

HERE'S the whole story!

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