Mother-In-Law Charging $21 Per Person For Family’s Christmas Lunch!

Some of my fondest memories as a child are getting the entire family together on Christmas for a HUGE family Christmas lunch or dinner!

You sit around, play games, hangout with family, then eat so much you immediately need a nap!

I never really though about just HOW EXPENSIVE Christmas dinner can be for the person preparing all of the food if they're making it for a BIG FAMILY! -- I actually read an article on TIME that the typical dinner for 6 people on Christmas is around $78! 

But imagine if you're having MORE than that over for Christmas.. so say a total of 24 people -- that $312!

There's mother-in-law that I just heard about that is actually charging people $21 PER PERSON just to attend Christmas Dinner..

So I had to ask.. would you pay it and go OR find someone who's making it for free?! lol

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