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Bridezilla Has Dress Code Requirements Based ON WEIGHT!

I used to work a bridal salon so I KNOW how brides can be sometimes when it comes to being super meticulous about every detail in their wedding... but this bridezilla DEFINITELY tops the cake **see what i did there haha*

This anonymous bride has a dress code requirement based on your WEIGHT! 

-- now look, I totally understand wanting people to dress appropriately for their body type on your big day, but to put requirements on a specific weight is just doing THE MOST!

The requirements are: 

Women (100-160lbs)

  • GREEN Velvet Sweater
  • ORANGE Suede Pants
  • Loubotin Heels
  • Burberry Scarf

Women (160lbs +)

  • All Black Sweater & Pants
  • BLACK Heels

Men (100-200lbs)

  • PURPLE Fuzzy Jacket
  • Soda Hat
  • ALL WHITE Trainers
  • Plain Glow Sticks

Men (200lbs +)

  • Black Sneakers


  • ALL RED, head to toe!

A screenshot of the note was uploaded to Reddit. 

The bridezilla wrote that she’s planning a destination wedding in Hawaii in 2019, and wants her guests to partake in “synchronized dancing” along an unnamed beach.

“The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect,” the post reads.

After the dance, the bride asked guests to wear formal attire that’s worth at least $1,000. -- WHO HAS $1,000 TO SPEND ON YOUR WEDDING JUST FOR AN OUTFIT?!


LORD -- Have you ever met someone so picky for their wedding?!

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