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Happiness Project Day 1!

A couple days ago we read an article in "Positive Pants" on the morning show that said people feel BETTER when giving rather receiving..

So.. we thought what better way to see if this is true than a SCIENTIFIC experiment!

Woody and Jim are giving me $10/a day and I get to decide what I want to do with it.. either gift something to a stranger or buy something for myself!

I felt like I should kick off this science experiment on a positive note and start with GIVING.

I went to the gas station -- got some food for a homeless person -- then went down on 1st Avenue downtown and gifted dinner to a homeless person on the side of the road!

WATCH how it all went down!

placeholder image

Not gonna lie.. starting this whole thing I felt super cheesy, but after the conversation I had with that sweet man on the side of the road.. I DEFINITELY saw an immediate attitude change and I kind of want to start doing it like once a week!

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