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This Airline Wants You To Tip Your Flight Attendants!

Every single time I get on a plane I go out of my way to be overly nice to the flight attendants! THAT WAY, just in case something goes down, they feel loyalty to save me first.

LOL -- just kidding.. Kind of.. I flirt with them for free drinks ;)

As of January 1, Frontier Airlines is changing it's policies to allow passengers to tip flight attendants!

The tips are optional, but you'll be able to add one in when you order a drink or a snack!

The average flight attendant salary is $50,500 a year!

I'm a little bit caught off guard by this because I feel like the MAIN job of the flight attendant is to ensure safety... It's really nice and a kind gesture of serving snacks, drinks and whatever else. But ultimately they are there to make sure nothing goes wrong to and be an assistance JUST IN CASE. 

The Association of Flight Attendants opposes tipping, saying that flight attendants' primary focus should be safety.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Should you tip flight attendants or not?!

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