Starbucks Adding Needle Disposal Boxes To Bathrooms!

Starbucks is part of a LOT of peoples' EVERYDAY routine -- just a heads up tho!

Next time you walk into a Starbucks bathroom, you may see something out of the ordinary!

Starbucks is adding needle disposal boxes to bathrooms && I am totally freaked out by that haha

Apparently it all started from the EMPLOYEES of the company! There was a petition started by the employees because apparently some workers have been finding blood and discarded needles and syringes in the bathrooms! 

The petitions was signed by over 3700 different employees of the coffee giant!

This is SO SCARY TO ME -- I literally did not even know that this was a thing.. what are people doing with said needles?!

Honestly, it would make more sense to me for this to happen at a restaurant or something that you would spend more time in -- Starbucks to me is a place that is a quick turn around. You walk in, get your coffee and leave. 

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