Nashville Strip Club Offering Jobs To Furloughed Government Workers!

This has been the longest government shutdown in HISTORY.

We've heard of a bunch of different restaurants around Nashville offering free food to government employee's that are out of work due to the shut down -- but this takes it to the next LEVEL.

The world famous "DEJA VU SHOWGIRLS OF NASHVILLE" is offering anybody who is currently furloughed or laid off from the from the federal government a job at their strip club. 

"We offer a decent hourly wage plus tips for our host, security, and waitstaff positions. If you're an employee who is temporarily out of work, don't go without any longer!" The club said in a statement.

The club is also looking to audition "select beautiful entertainers" and is encouraging workers to "grab those stilettos and dust off that thong!"

"29 years strong in Music City, and now supporting federal government workers!" The club said in a statement.

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