Nashville Mayor Briley Offers Utility Relief To Furloughed Federal Workers!

This is the LONGEST government shutdown in History. Period. End of story.

Federal employees are still going to work everyday WITHOUT pay, which is just really heartbreaking for some families.

There are over 25,000 employees just in the Middle Tennessee area that are going to work everyday without a paycheck!! INSANITY. 

Our Mayor, David Briley, is something AMAZING to make this government shutdown a little bit easier for furloughed employees! He is bringing Metro Water Services and Nashville Electric service together to offer relief to those impacted by the government shutdown!

Mayor David Briley said in a tweet: "As mayor, my top priority is to work to ensure that all residents have what they need to thrive, whenever possible,""No one’s livelihood should be leveraged to make a political point. Families shouldn’t have to worry about keeping the lights on or having water to drink as a result of such an unnecessary shutdown. I am very grateful to Metro Water and NES for agreeing to give furloughed federal workers the much-needed relief they deserve."

NES is offering to extend bill payments for 30 days while Metro Water will not be charging late fees or disconnecting water due to nonpayment. 

Impacted federal employees can call 615-736-6900 to speak to an NES advisor about payment options. For Metro Water, you can bring a photo ID and furlough paperwork to MWS Customer Services Center at 1700 Third Ave North or call 615-862-4600.

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