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Mom Calls Out Man Who Fat-Shamed Her On Flight!

I am SO over people being bullied and shamed for the way that they look!

This mother was flying from Orlando to Detroit when a man on the plan completely fat-shamed her and called her AWFUL names..

Katie, the mom on the plane, actually published a letter on her Facebook page addressing the anonymous passenger who made the awful comments about her!

On Facebook she wrote:  

“Dear Man on flight DL1723,

“You referred to me as a ‘2-ton woman.’ You told your friend soon as I boarded and you saw me that it was ‘not good.’ When I confronted you saying ‘I am not two tons but I did just have a baby,’ you sighed and got up to use the bathroom then quietly asked the flight attendant for a different seat.”

“I’m glad there were not any,” she wrote. “I bet you didn’t tell her why you wanted to sit elsewhere, that you said something so heartless and were confronted. You did not apologize. You did not even acknowledge my existence throughout the remainder of the flight. That’s fine. I do not need your validation. So why am I posting? To call you out. Because I do not exist to please you. Because I will take up as much space as I want. Because even when confronted you did not think you were in the wrong, that you did not need to apologize.”

“I’m glad you had to sit next to me the entire two-hour flight, I’m only sorry I couldn’t take up more space.”

“As a woman, I am sick of this s***,Would he have said that had I been a man? Or had my daughter and husband with me? I don’t know. But women deal with these attitudes and behavior more than men, that I do know. And I. Am. Over. It.”

Katie's facebook post has been shared OVER 100,000 times so far!

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