Nashville Residents Can Get Help On Their EXTREMELY High Electric Bill!

I was seriously hoping it wasn't just me that saw a DRAMATIC increase in my electric bill last month.. like $100 jump in December and I was honestly SHOOK -___-

There are residents all over Nashville that are seeing a spike in their electric bill due to the extreme cold over the past couple days -- even weeks at this point!

Good news is, there's help out there to combat these insane bills that just keep rolling in!

According to our news partner, FOX 17:

Nashville gets a $6 million federal grant. This January, Davidson County was awarded $12 million due to the growing need and funding window. Lisa McCrady, spokeswoman for Metro Action, says, "that money will help about 30,000 families keep their lights on and stay safe and warm."

With the housing costs continuing to rise in Nashville, more and more residents are living paycheck to paycheck, so these dramatic increases in bills are making them choose between keeping their family warm or putting food on the table -- which is just an awful thing to even think about!

Assistance offered by Metro Action only covers utility bills and is offered once a year for each family. There are specific income requirements and proof of documentation. If you want more information on that and to possibly fill out an application, CLICK HERE

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