Tyra Banks Is Opening “ModelLand” Theme Park!

America's Next Top model founder and worldwide model ICON, Tyra Banks, is opening her very own theme park!

It's opening in California but this theme park has NOTHING to do with roller coasters!

Tyra is opening a new ticketed attraction called, "ModelLand!"

ModelLand will be located at the Santa Monica Place shopping mall and Tyra said, "It will create a fantasy version of the modeling world to let visitors be the dream version of themselves."

All of this is made possible through interactive entertainment, retail, and user-generated content that can be shared!

Tyra sent out a tweet announcing ModelLand with the link -- Model-Land.com but when you land on the website, it just asks for you to sign up via email! CLEARLY I had to sign up because I can't wait to see what all this is going to entail!

Tyra Banks has been super vague about the specific details, BUT WE DO KNOW it will be a 21,000 square foot space that is a permanent attraction, not some little pop-up shop, and ModelLand is inspired by Disneyland!

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