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Nashville Father Dies From Rare Brain Disease Linked To Mad Cow!

This is honestly so terrifying and just SAD! A Nashville man has just passed away from the human form of mad cow disease.

According to our news source News 2 : Tony Gibson lost his fight with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or CJD!

News 2 spoke with Danielle, wife of Tony and she told them:

"Everything was perfect, he had just got a new job and he came home from work one day and said I feel like I have been hit in the head." 
The next week, Danielle says his health started deteriorating quickly.
"I remember him telling me my sense of direction is gone." 
Danielle had to label the rooms in their home so Tony could find his way around, but eventually she says Tony could no longer read, he began hallucinating and in the end, couldn't eat or speak.
"It was totally devastating to watch and we couldn't figure out what it was," she said. 

After visiting NUMEROUS doctors, and after a month at Vanderbilt hospital, Tony was diagnosed with CJD with only months to live!

Apparently CJD comes in 2 different forms -- the standard form can be genetic or sporadic, but the mad cow variant can be acquired through eating beef products that have been contaminated!

Still to this day, Danielle has NO idea how her husband contracted the awful disease!

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the Gibson family!. 

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