Waffle House Offering Romantic Valentine's Day Date Night!!

I literally cannot even believe that Valentines Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER -- don't worry.. if you haven't made reservations yet, there's probably NO WHERE in Nashville with availability.. yay you!

But actually, that last part wasn't true -- BECAUSE Waffle House is offering a romantic date night for Valentines Day!

6 different locations of Waffle House throughout the MIddle TN area are taking part in this years festivities!

You can make reservations for this years unique and fun night featuring white tableclothes ** only the fanciest for you** -- and welcoming couples for a special dinner service!

I haven't been able to find what specifically they're serving for dinner on Valentines Day... but it's Waffle House -- it's ALWAYS good!! LOL

HERE'S the link where you can find the 6 stores around Nashville doing this if you wanna make reservations!

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