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Husband Organized A Party To Expose Infidelity Of His Wife!!

Being cheated on sucks more than a lot of things in this world, to be completely honest. I've heard a LOT of revenge stories, but this one is totally new to me! LOL

This husband organized a party to expose the secret affair between his wife and his best friend!

Like he literally threw a party, invited ALL of the family of his wife(Daliana) and one of his best friends(Alberto), who is also married -- his intentions were CLEARLY to set a trap and expose them in front of everyone!

Right before the party was about to end, the husband decided to give a speech to all of the party attendees:

Graben, record a lot. Today I discovered something, really, I have it in my mind and I already suspected in my heart. Alberto, I know you for more than 20 years. You are a father, my great brother, and friend, but courting my wife is of little men! Here are all the messages that Daliana and you have passed on. Daliana is looking for a 40-thousand-dollar apartment and I asked her where can she get it from? But I know where she will it from, you’re going to give it to her

After the dramatic speech, he literally threw the phone IN THE POOL!

Like any normal person would do, the guests began to leave the party because of the uncomfortable moment, and even insulted HIM for doing that! His response was the best though.. he kept sarcastically saying, "I'm not worth it. The rude one is me. The lack of respect is me, I am everything"

Which honestly, the last part feels a bit like a coping mechanism -- which kind of breaks my heart for this guy!

WATCH the video here!

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