Bridezilla Called Out For Wanting To Replace Bridesmaid With Cancer!

Bridezilla stories keep making their rounds like every other week, but this one TOTALLY takes the cake as the most dramatic bridezilla story I've ever heard!

This bride-to-be is catching some grief on social media after revealing that she wants to REPLACE her maid of honor simply because she HAS CANCER AND CANT HELP MUCH WITH THE WEDDING.

The unnamed bride-to-be admitted her feelings on Facebook said"

She’s leaving it on me to plan my bachelorette party. My maid of honor won’t help with opinions or anything

Further into the post she explains that her friend has cancer, so there's not much she expects her to do -- but THEN goes on to say that her "good friend" was too tired to go with her to a wedding festival after the bride bought her a ticker and everything...

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