'Golden Girls' Themed Cruise Is HAPPENING Next Year!

Hands down one of the BEST shows to ever exist is clearly the 'Golden Girls!'

Like I watch it EVERY single night before bed and I can never get enough!

The best news -- THERE'S GOING TO BE A GOLDEN GIRLS THEMED CRUISE setting sail in 2020!

It's actually a special Western Caribbean Cruise that's celebrating the show with a ONCE IN A LIFETIME gathering of fans!

They're gonna have a cheesecake party, a fancy dress party & dinner, bingo, and the best part -- a KARAOKE PARTY at 'Rusty Anchor' ** which was Blanche's favorite place to go looking for men!**

The cruise departs from Miami ** where the girls lived** and it'll stop in Key West & Cozumel, Mexico -- making it a 5 night cruise!

Better start saving up now! The cruise departs February 24 && costs about $1,000 PER PERSON!

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