You Can Buy A Pimple Popper Toy With Refillable Pus!

People are FASCINATED with Dr. Pimple Popper... I don't understand it.. at all. Like I wanna throw up thinking about it BUT YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM THEM!

You know what I'm talking about.. that moment you're just peacefully scrolling through Facebook and your eyes are personally attacked by the random pimple popping video that just comes out of NOWHERE on your timeline... yeah still scarred by it LOL

ANYWAY, there's actually a toy out there now called "Pop It Pal" -- it's like a silicone flesh looking thing with pore like holes punctured in the silicone... you can actually squeeze the pores and fake pus will squirt out..

THE WORST PART... it comes with refillable pus.. so your disgusting fun never ends!

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